MiR 025 My Podcasting Equipment

MiR 025 My Podcasting Equipment

Today’s episode might be boring for anyone who is not interested in some of the technical details of making a podcast, so if this describes you, then you may not want to waste your time watching it.
I do get a lot of requests from people asking me about the equipment that I use, so I decided to do an episode based on this, but also explaining what the absolute necessities are for starting a podcast and which things can wait a bit. So, it’s for these people that I made this episode.
In this episode I’ll talk about the following pieces of equipment and software I use.

Here is information concerning the Samson Zoom H2 DAR (Digital Audio Recorder) and also information about the Amazon price and reviews from Amazon customers.

Here’s information about the Samson CH700 Studio Reference Headphones.

I’m not going to include links or info to the Kodak Zi8 handheld video recorder because Kodak is no longer making them.

I’ll link to information about the Rode PSA1 swing arm mount, which as I mention in the video, is not a necessity when starting, is certainly a most welcome addition later on.

You can find info here about the MXL USM 002 Low Profile Shock Mount, but the main thing is to get a good shock mount for whatever microphone you are using.

Here’s the info for my pop filter, which I really like, but as I’ve also mentioned, the main thing is to use a pop filter and not necessarily this one.

I speak about the MXL 009 USB microphone, which I feel is the best USB microphone on the market today, besides it sounds great.

I also cover the AKG Perception 120 USB microphone, and had also done a sound comparison between it and the MXL 009 USB microphone in this podcast, plus a sound comparison between it and the Blue Snowball Microphone in a different podcast.

There is a lot of information about the Blue Snowball microphone here on Amazon, in addition to 100s of customer reviews.

You can find out a lot of info about Hindenburg Journalist on their website, but there are also two very good articles written about the program at Transom.org, both here and here. I would say that both of these articles are a “must read” for podcasters or journalists looking for an audio program, but again, a new podcaster should download the free audio editor Audacity, which is a great open source program which will run on Windows, Mac or Linux, or if you have a Mac, you can also use the free program Garage Band which came with your Mac. Once you decide that you like to podcast, only then would I recommend that you buy a program, if you want.

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