MiR 026 Hindenburg Journalist Editor Demo

Hindenburg Journalist is an audio editor made especially with podcasters and journalists in mind with the idea that it’s about the story, not the learning curve. Less than a year ago I found and learned to like a really nice audio editor called “Reaper”. The price was good, because the developers had all “struck it rich” on a previous project. But, the learning curve was quite steep, as it is for most audio editing programs. The reason for this is because these programs are designed with musicians in mind, and not journalists and podcaster, and then in came Hindenburg Journalist and Journalist Pro. These programs were developed by journalists for journalists and it shows in every respect of the design and usage of the program.

You can find out a lot of info about Hindenburg Journalist on their website, but there are also two very good articles written about the program at Transom.org, both here and here. I would say that both of these articles are a “must read” for podcasters or journalists looking for an audio program, but again, a new podcaster should download the free audio editor Audacity, which is a great open source program which will run on Windows, Mac or Linux, or if you have a Mac, you can also use the free program Garage Band which came with your Mac. Once you decide that you like to podcast, only then would I recommend that you buy a program, if you want.

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