MiR 031 Lost in the Jungle

This episode is kind of an experiment in using drama to help teach some new English vocabulary and expressions. As you will shortly see, I have no background in drama, but decided to give it a shot anyhow.
If you enjoy this and would like to see more, please say so in the comments section below, otherwise I’ll have to assume that it was not really interesting and I’ll not pursue this any further. (It was envisioned as a series of about 3 or 4 parts). So, if I don’t get any feedback, then this will be the only episode of this type.
You may download the vocabulary list here or just read the words below.

Cutting through the park- to cut through means to go through someplace rather than to go around the same place. If it is a shorter route, then we can also call this a “short cut”.
“I’m not really into (something or somebody)” means that you don’t like it/him/her/them.
To “Get my butt in gear” means to get moving faster; to hurry up.
Downpour- in this situation it describes a very heavy rain.
Saturation Point- the point at which something is as wet as it can get and can hold no more
“I’m not made from sugar; I won’t melt”- I’m not afraid of getting wet. In Russian, “Я не сахарный, не растаю”.
To “screw up”- to do something wrong or incorrectly.
“Flash and Boom”- here I mean lightning and thunder. By saying that there was almost no pause between the two means that it is almost right where you are.
Predator- an animal that hunts kills and eats other animals (or people).

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