MiR 037 Mark in Russia – The Year in Review

The Year in Review, 1981

Welcome to the Mark in Russia Podcast Network and Episode # 037. I’m Mark and today I’m going to take you for a journey back in time.

I was recently listening to an Adam Carolla podcast the other day, and by the way, Adam Carolla is the king of on demand internet radio, in the episode I was listening to he mentioned that now is the time when we see and hear all of the 2011, year in review programs and he made a good point; he said, “all of us still clearly remember what happened in 2011, maybe it would be more interesting to review a year about 20 years ago”. I thought that this was kind of a cool idea and I went back even further to 1981, 30 years ago. So, welcome to, “1981, the Year in Review”.

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