MiR 039 Relationship differences between Russia and the US

Today we’ll be talking about relationships. The format for today’s discussion is two guys, Kirill and yours truly, sitting in a café discussing relationships and the differences in relationships in the US and Russia.

Kirill approached me a couple of months ago and asked if we could do a podcast together concerning relationships, so I’m happy that this finally happened.

You need to remember that this discussion is 100% subjective and merely represents mine and Kirill’s views on the subject matter. We are not claiming to represent our respective country’s views, merely our own. You also need to understand that in addition to our views differing due to cultural differences, they also differ due to generational differences.

Kirill asked to do the editing of today’s podcast and I’m happy with the job he did. The restaurant was quite noisy with background noises and there was also a noticeable difference in the volume of our voices, but Kirill did a nice job of evening these out and also bringing the level of background noise to a good balance.

I’d like over time to see Kirill start his own podcast and become part of the Mark in Russia network, but until that time, let’s listen to our lunch conversation.

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