MiR 045 – How the meaning of “Courageous” has changed in America – Mark in Russia

Welcome to the Mark in Russia Podcast network episode # 045, and I’m Mark. Today is a rather special podcast and also quite a bit different than my usual, but as part of learning a language, learning about the culture is also very important.

Here in Russia the “Presidential Election” just finished. It was a sad joke and the world caught a glimpse into the heavy handed way that the powers that be handle elections, and more importantly the count. But I really don’t comment on Russian politics, although I have my own opinions. I figure that Russian politics are a problem for Russians to deal with. I will say that the methods of using administrative resources are a joke and amateurish. Today’s podcast is being made to show how the most professional of abusers of administrative resources and purveyors of propaganda and smokescreens work. So today I’ll pull the curtain back a little bit on the American Democratic Party and also the most corrupt and dangerous President to ever dupe the American people, Barrack Hussein Obama.

It would take the library of Congress to hold all of the volumes outlining the purposeful and insidious methods used by this man and his handlers, so I’m just going to concentrate a bit on an incident that happened in the past week that illustrates a thousand other similar cases.

I need to explain the backdrop to the events which happened last week. One thing that happened was Obama again being the bowing weak American President and apologizing to the Afghan president and people for the fact that some copies of the Koran were burned by American troops. To this I say, screw yourself Obama. You don’t speak for most Americans who don’t really give a crap about this issue. When our flag is being burned, or Americans are beheaded on film by these asshole stone age apes, we never see anyone apologizing for these actions, so screw you and your apologies, do you think many Americans give a shit about this small fire? If your concern is that these apes will kill American troops because of this, the answer is simple; simply relax the rules of engagement so that the troops can kill off the ones who you think will try to kill them.

I speak of this as a father who has had one son serve a year during the invasion of Iraq and another year in Afganistan, while another son has already served two one-year deployments in Iraq. In other words, my family has done a lot more for the US in this regards than your family ever has or ever will do.

Meanwhile in America he was working on trying to dismantle the American Constitution in terms of the separation of Church and State. Obama does not like religion and in fact belonged for 20 years to a church in Chicago whose pastor liked to chant, “God Damned America!”, Rather than, “God Bless America” Yeah Obama, you’re a true Christian American patriot.

Anyhow, back on topic. America was founded as a Christian Nation as even the inscriptions on all of our money will attest to. It was founded as a Protestant nation, based upon the persecution that caused the earliest Europeans to leave for the American continent. I mention this because here in Russia people believe that almost all American Christians are Catholic, which they are not. While 83% of all American affiliate themselves with a particular religion, 24% of Americans affiliate themselves with the Catholic church and 53% with the Protestant churches. Now, although these different churches have different beliefs and dogmas, in America these groups all understand that an attack on one is an attack on all.

The Catholic Church incorporates amongst their beliefs that both birth control and abortion are wrong and sinful. Regardless of how anyone else feels, the Catholic Church is entitled to their beliefs and their beliefs are protected by the US Constitution. The separation of church and state embodied in the US Constitution was not just put there to protect church interference in the State, as it should, but also to protect the church from interference from the State, which it also should. Left wing democrats typically hate religion and have tried for decades to bring churches under the States heel, but the Constitution has foiled them.

Enter “ObamaCare”, the intrusive national healthcare plan which is starting to come into effect. Just a side note; the people who voted for Obama (of which I am proud to say I did not), forgot to ask specifically what the “Hope and Change” platform which Obama originally campaigned on meant. Change is not always good.

Obama and his left wingers decided that the Catholic Church, which runs many schools and very famous universities, in addition to numerous excellent hospitals, would be required to offer birth control and abortions to their employees and residents of these fine institutions.

Let it be clear here; the vast majority of the American mainstream media is controlled by left-wing people and when the Catholic church went on the defensive and said that making the Church do these things was in direct violation of their beliefs and also the US Constitution. The mainstream American media (by the way, this doesn’t mean that their views represent mainstream America, they don’t, their views actually represent the views of about 13% of Americans), attacked the Catholic church in such a horrible manner, calling them pedophiles and cannibals, thinking that this would work. It didn’t. Other American religions rose to the defense of the Catholics., knowing that the Democrats and particularly Obama like to emulate the Stalin method of “divide and conquer”

So, in one week Obama and the Democrats found themselves getting more and more unpopular, due to, among other things, kissing ass in Afganistan and attacking the Catholic church along with the US Constitution. It is simply amazing to me, and to most thinking Americans at how hypocritical Obama is. On one hand kissing ass to not insult the Moslems, who buy the way make up 1% of Americans, yet attacking the Catholic church in the most vicious way possible directly himself and also through his lapdogs in the leftwing media. I’m sure that Russians can understand how bad the leftwing American media is if I explain that George Soros has been a big money contributor in terms of expanding this group. I’m sure that most Russians also don’t hold a high opinion of this smear of filth who is George Soros.

Well, I could go on forever here, but I promised to just concentrate on last week’s events.

The US Senate was conducting hearing because of the Obama Administrations foray into the gulf between church and state. The democrats don’t believe in having facts presented and instead believe that emotions should prevail. When the committee allowed expert witnesses to testify about the church and state issue, the democrats requested that a “23 year-old” Georgetown University Law school student be allowed to testify. The committee said no, because in no way was she considered an expert on the issue at hand. The Democrats couldn’t have this, because she in fact was not who they represented her to be, but rather a 30-year old professional feminist student who was attending this university for reason you’ll learn about. So, the Democrats instead set up a press conference to look like a committee hearing. This by itself was laughable, but they managed to pull this off with the help of the White House and the leftwing media. Now you’ll hear this poor “young innocent student” complain how Georgetown University Law School will not supply her with contraceptives. Wait until you hear how pathetic she is, but wait a minute, you also need to understand that this university is a Catholic university and therefore contraceptives are against their beliefs. I’ll play some of this now and stop it in order to comment in various spots.

OK, I’ve got to stop this for a minute before I throw up. Let me point out a few things with this ridiculous Democrat Party trick. As you may have noticed, this “student” is addressing the press conference as if it is in fact a Congressional hearing, which it was not. It was a Democratic press conference made to look like a congressional hearing, this is how this party treats the American people, as if we are all as stupid as the leaders of their party.

Now remember, she is enrolled in a Catholic university, and her big complaint is that she isn’t supplied free contraceptives by the university. You’ve got to love the way she describes how as she walks around the campus she sees the faces of all of the women affected by this decision. This is funny as hell to imagine and it would make a humorous cartoon. I mean, what does she see? A bunch of pregnant students? Perhaps an army of horny young coeds who are not able to get themselves satisfied due to not getting free contraceptives? What exactly is she seeing in their eyes as she wanders her campus?

She then goes into a bunch of so-called examples of problems, without once ever giving a name or anything else to back up her examples. And the democrats were wondering why she wasn’t allowed to testify as an expert witness in the real hearing? What a bunch of friggin idiots.

This lying professional feminist does more to harm the image of women than the worst man could ever do.

Next is the really great part. She tells how many of the students are going broke trying to buy the contraceptives needed to cover their sexual appetites for their three years in law school.

Wow, at this part I’m sure that everyone listening to this shill is just dabbing their eyes to prevent the tears from rolling.

The horror as she described her friend getting “all the way to the counter” of a pharmacy and then learning that her birth control pills weren’t covered by her insurance. The horror, the horror! The shame of having to leave without her purchase. You know, I’ve been at the cashier of a supermarket, only to discover that I forgot my money. Sure it’s embarrassing having to leave without your purchase, but I sure as hell never tried to testify at a government hearing because of this.

Apart from the fact that this is such a poor attempt at sympathy, the facts are all wrong. In America, any woman who wants birth control, but can’t pay for it can get it free from the government. If the girl was too lazy to go to the hospital or clinic to get this, then WalMart and Target also offer birth control pills for $10 a month. So, instead of the $3000 price tag to support her sexual lifestyle as a coed at their university, the contraceptives are available for a cost of free to $360 to cover this three year orgy.

Here she goes again pulling undocumented statistics out of her butt. So, 40% of these poor students are having trouble buying contraceptives? Let’s put a few things into perspective here; Georgetown University Law School (which by the way is in the city of Washington) is one of the most prestigious and expensive law schools in the world. Students pay approx. $43,000 a year just for tuition, not including their housing, food, books and other costs. So, for the average American, who could never afford such a cost for their own children, the lack of free contraceptives is not relatable at all. In fact most American will hate this little snotnose after hearing of the tough life she leads, but later in this podcast you’ll learn even more reasons to dislike her.

Does she even have a clue at how stupid and elitest that she sounds? Listen to her tell about the married couple that she knows who can no longer afford birth control. So, this couple of future elite lawyers are so stupid that they don’t realize that paying $10 a month at WalMart is cheaper than having a baby? Ok, back to this sad sack of a student and performance.

 OK, so let me get this right, her lesbian friend was denied free contraceptives from her Catholic university, and rather than getting free ones, or god forbid spending $10 a month at Walmart or Target, she chose to have this “medical catastrophe” with tennis ball size cysts? Seems to me that this person, if they in fact even exist, should be the one testifying at this fake hearing. At least she might have an actual story to tell, but don’t worry, this Sandra Fluke doesn’t even have to worry about any questions, there won’t be any, she is among her friends here.

OK, there’s about another 4 minutes of her pathetic drivel, but I think that you’ve got the overall idea, and if you wish to hear her complete speech at the press conference, you can go here to listen to it.

One of America’s favorite conservative talk radio hosts, Rush Limbaugh spoke about how ridiculous this whole democratic theater was. He went on to describe how out of touch this young woman is with reality and then, due to the fact that she wanted someone else to pay for her sex, he equated her with a slut and a prostitute. It’s a shame that he did this because he fell right into the very trap that Obama and his people had set for the conservatives. While Rush was using this in a humorous way, she still probably should have kept away from these exact words. He actually apologized two days later on the radio for his poor choice of words. But, the democrats and Obama had accomplished what they wanted to.

Obama and his people are actually very good at “spinning” events to their benefit. In this situation they spun everything into a non-existent Republican war on women. Big mean radio guy attacking the poor little 23/30 year old university coed.

You see, having contraceptives available to women was not and is not an issue, but Obama and gang decided to frame the situation this way. Why would they do this? Because Obama’s numbers were way down with women in the US. So, cast the Republicans as anti-women and as somehow trying to deny women their birth control. Last week his favorability rating went up 8 percentage points with women, all due to a cleverly orchestrated lie.

Who is this “poor young coed”, who as I mentioned before, is a 30-year old professional student and feminist? Let’s listen to Bill O’Reilly from Fox News about what his investigations have turned up. By the way, although in Europe, Russia, etc. people believe that CNN is the biggest cable news network in America, Fox news has more than twice as many viewers and is by far the #1 news network, and why might this be? Because Fox news is the only conservative news network in America and competes with all of the leftwing news services. Anyhow, let’s listen:

 Let’s learn a little bit more about this fresh faced innocent little lamb of a coed. Remember, Sandra Fluke decided to take to the television and talk show circuit and therefore is now open game for uncovering dirt. She in fact chose Georgetown University Law school because it did not cover contraceptives. She wanted to have an issue to fight and sue the school over. Personally, I think that this Catholic university is not being true to itself. They should be casting this so-called student out of their university.

She is also not an innocent young kid. She’s 30 years-old despite being reported as but an innocent 23-year-old student.

There’s something else she is not, and that is just an aggrieved student accidentally caught up in this media maelstrom. In fact, she is an activist against conservatives. Last year, for instance, Fluke took her campaign against “conservative” universities on the road and led seminars to that end held at Berkeley. (Thanks JWF)

In other words, we’ve been sold a bill of goods. This woman is a hardcore, middle-aged, political left-winger, not any innocent law student.

Another thing is that Democrats tried to foist this faux “expert” on a congressional committee hearing before. In the middle of February, the House Oversight Committee held a hearing to hear expert testimony on President Obama’s decision to force religious organizations to fund contraception use for employees.

The hearing had actual experts that spoke on both sides of the issue but the meeting was about the Constitutional issue of religious freedom, not so-called “reproductive rights.” Mz. Fluke’s inclusion as a speaker was therefore denied because she is neither an expert on the Constitution, interested in religious freedom, nor is she an actual expert on the medical uses of contraception. She was merely a left-wing activist with no pertinent expertise.

This is why Representative Nancy Pelosi (D, CA) held her own special hearing to give Fluke her platform for activism. Amusingly, while Democrats complained that it was a crime Fluke was not allowed to testify at the earlier hearing, in Pelosi’s dog and pony show, Fluke was the only one allowed to speak. Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat.

Birth control is not all that Ms. Fluke believes private health insurance must cover. She also, apparently, believes that it is discrimination deserving of legal action if “gender reassignment” surgeries are not covered by employer provided health insurance. She makes these views clear in an article she co-edited with Karen Hu in the Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law. Just so you all know, “Gender Reassignment” surgery is what is done to physically change a woman into a man, or a man into a woman. Apparently she wants churches to cover these costs also.

What I’ve hoped to accomplish so far is to show you that this was a carefully planned ambush by Obama and his people in order to cast the Republican party in a bad light and also try to invent a story that they are somehow against women. Even common sense would dictate that any political party against women would be automatically losing 50% of the vote. Pure suicide. The purpose of all of this was for Obama to create smoke in order to hide his multiple screwups the past two weeks and to increase his rating with women.

Obama, to his credit, completely shields his young daughters from the spotlight of the media and does his best to try to give them a normal life in abnormal circumstances, but do to his rating dropping with women, he even paraded his daughter in front of the public to denounce Rush Limbaughs words against Sandra Fluke, saying that he didn’t ever want to see his daughters (named) be subject to name calling if they spoke out on an issue. Yeah, he wants to shield his daughters and wife from the spotlight of the White House, that is unless his numbers are dropping .with women, then he is happy to parade them around. Obama, your true character is showing now.

One of the Republicans running now to be the Republican presidential candidate is Newt Gengriech. I don’t really like the guy, but I do respect him for never taking any crap from the media. Listen to him in the following interview:

 After listening to the previous interview, you get a clearer view on how the leftwing media in America does not “report” on the issues, but rather decides to “Frame” the issues in their own manner to suit their cause. This type of crappy media started in the late 60s and early 70s and is called “advocacy journalism”. Famous journalists from earlier times would be ashamed to act in this manner. Advocacy Journalism means that it is OK and even desired to report and shape news stories in such a way as to promote your worldview. In other words, try to influence the news stories by introducing your own spin.

You can especially see this in the way the reporter frames their questions. For example, rather than ask Newts opinion about Rush’s statements, the reporter asks in an authoritive manner, “how much damage has been done”, you see, this way assumes that there has been damage and that the reporter will control the direction of the interview. What I really like is that Newt doesn’t take any shit from the reporter and instead tells how the media and Obama are using a strawman to hide the real issues. Later in the interview the reporter again attempts to use a strawman argument when trying to imply that all of the other people feel that this was an attack on women, you see, the phrase “attack on women” has to be repeated over and over again, like some sort of Mantra, in order for the phrase to take a life of its own and become a fact, where in fact it is a lie. Newt again is much smarter than the reporter and doesn’t take the bait.

At more than 40 minutes, perhaps it’s time to wrap up this podcast. It would take at least another hour to examine this issue in the depth it deserves, but if you have stayed with me for this long, I thank you and I’ll cut it short.

I wanted to cover a few points briefly in addition to the ones I’ve already covered and will provide links in case you wish to read more.

The left in America is in the process of trying to create a nanny state and will do anything and everything possible to have this happen. Something that was never mentioned by Fluke or her handlers is about the other sexual partner. We have to assume it would be a man because they want contraceptives. If it were for lesbian relations or perhaps relationships with animals they wouldn’t need these.

A thinking person will ask the question, “what about the men you are having sex with, have they no responsibilities in this situation?” Of course they don’t mention this, because this would speak of personal responsibility, which is the opposite of the nanny state. What about not having sex, if you can’t afford it and if your partner doesn’t feel that you are worth the $10 a month it takes to buy it? No, the only issue that is discussed is that only big government can take care of us.  It amazes me that the people screaming for help always seem to be well dressed, yet can’t afford the $10 a month to pay for the pill. No, the true purpose is to have everyone be dependent on Big Government for all of their needs. $10 worth of birth control pills would end up costing the taxpayers or policy holders about $50 after the leeches tacked on their salaries.

The words used by Rush Limbaugh were not really called for in a discussion of this nature, but the demonization of Rush immediately by the leftwing media was also uncalled for. Rush apologized for his words, yet leftwing men who have called conservative women such names as Twat and cunt on their TV and radio programs have never apologized and have never been asked to by the leftwing media. In fact, they are considered heroes in the eyes of the left.

Bill Maher, a television personality, is a prime example of a misogynist, having used both of the above words in describing Republican women. He also recently gave $1 million dollars to the Obama campaign and last week when many asked the Obama campaign to return the money due to the horrible things he has said about women, the Obama campaign refused to do this. As I said, Obama is the most evil and corrupt president ever in America and a huge hypocrite to boot.

Well, thank you for giving me so much of your time in order to listen to my podcast. I think that it is instructive as to how the Democratic Party in America operates and also in introducing new grammar. In addition to my language and grammar podcasts, I also hope to offer more podcasts about the American presidential election during this year of 2012.

I am happy that even if Obama does win this election, that he can’t come back again in 4 years to be President again. Do you catch my drift?

In case you did not understand completely why I named this podcast as I did, “How the meaning of courageous has changed in America”, it is due to former speaker Pelosi, when introducing Fluke, referring to her as a woman of Courage. Apparently the word courage no longer means shit in America.

Well, until next time, this is Mark saying Goodbye!

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