MiR 060 – Bill Clinton – 5 Star General in the War Against Women

Welcome to the Mark in Russia podcast network, episode # 60, and I’m Mark. You can listen to all of my broadcasts at www.markinrussia.com                                                                                                                                                                    In the interest of honesty; my title was actually taken from a comment by conservative talk radio host, Mark Levin. He is a constitutional lawyer and has a fantastic daily show called The Mark Levin Show.

I also need to preface by saying that there is no “War on Women” in America as the idiot democrats accuse the republicans of waging. It is a false issue that they present to take the attention off of the horrible political performance of Barrack Hussein Obama. Frankly I’m sick of hearing this crap.

The purpose of this episode is to highlight the extreme hypocrisy of the Democrat party and the fawning mainstream media.

The Democrats and the mainstream media would have you believe that there is a concerted Republican effort to prevent women from getting birth control or abortions. Frankly, I’m against abortion, but this is allowed in the US and it is not really an issue in this election.

In terms of who thinks badly about women or who degrades them, the Democrats take the prize in this contest. To listen to them you would think that a woman is nothing more than sex organs with legs. I mean, in my opinion, the issues that women are most concerned with during this election are the same issues that concern men also; jobs, the economy, housing, education, the national debt and others. To listen to these idiots you would believe that birth control and abortions are the prime concerns of women. Perhaps to a lot of liberal democrat women, these are the main issues, as they would also be the main issues for prostitutes, but for the majority of American women, these are not their main concerns and these are nevertheless available anyhow.

Now enter Bill Jefferson Clinton, also known as BJ Clinton or “Slick Willy”.

As Obama sinks in the polls and people start to see that the emperor has no clothes, Obama has had to ask for some help from his nemesis, Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton has no use for Obama and dislikes him very much.

Obama asked him to give the big speech at the Democrat Convention officially nominating Obama. You know that Obama was hurting badly in order to ask old “Slick Willy” for help.

The level of hypocrisy of the Democrats is simply amazing. On one hand declaring that the Republicans are waging a war on women and then on the other hand having Slick Willy as their featured speaker. Seems that the democrats will try to find any dirt concerning republicans that they can find, yet they will parade and feature this pervert rapist as their main speaker. Even more amazing is that the mainstream media just shuts their mouth and doesn’t say a word.

For my Russian listeners this stuff I say about the mainstream media must sound quite odd. I mean, in Russia most of the media is either owned directly by the government, or owned by Kremlin friendly businesses. It must seem amazing that so much of the American media has turned into such Obama whores, but you can do your own research on this, don’t just take my word for it. They have become much bigger f’ing scumbags than the politicians they are protecting.

Let’s spend just a few minutes talking about the “problems” Clinton has had with women. Something I need to insert here now; in Europe and Russia people were pretty much amazed at the big deal made of the Monica Lewinsky affair because that is more of a standard thing in what I’ll refer to as the “Old World”, what you need to understand is that the problem was not the affair, but the fact that he lied about it to a congressional committee and also in front of a federal judge, but mainly, he lied directly to the American people. As Americans, we can much more easily forgive an affair than we can ever forgive a liar.

“Play the cut and Go!”


Now just hear him speaking to the American people on TV.

“Play cut 1 and go!”


Bill Clinton, it must first be told, is a professional liar and scum. He had a habit of practicing sexual harassment on his female underlings, making continued employment contingent upon sex. One of his conquests, Juanita Broderick, claimed to have been forcibly raped by Slick Willy. After biting her lips throughout the rape he told her after the fact to “get some ice on that”.

Slick Willy got away with this for years, starting with his time as Attorney General in Arkansas, through his time as governor there and continuing in the White house. It was only when a young intern at the White House, Monica Lewinsky, let his lawyers know that she had saved the dress she was wearing when Slick Willy had sex with her in the Oval office, stained with Slick Willy’s DNA, that Clinton finally and reluctantly admitted to what he had done.

“Play cut 2 and Go!”



So, which party supports and lionizes women abusers?

You see, if this were a Republican convention featuring rapists, such as Bill Clinton, the media would be out for blood, but as I said, the mainstream media is 100% in the tank for Obama.

By the way, at the Democrat convention there are 5000 delegates in attendance, yet there are 15000 media people. Let’s call them cheerleaders instead, we’ll be closer to the truth.

Let’s see now, was this the only incident of a true scumbag woman abuser featured at the Democrat Convention? No, of course not. They had to start off their convention with a professional video of one of their true gods, who had died a few years ago. I’m sure that in that cesspool of humanity called the DNC that there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as they all watched the video about Ted Kennedy. Well, I’m sure that if the parents and family of Mary Jo Kapechne are still living, that the emotion they would be feeling would not be sadness for the passing of this dirtball.

For those of you who don’t know who Mary Jo Kapechne is, she was a 29 year-old teacher who was one of several girls at an all day party on Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts on July 18, 1969. A married Ted Kennedy spent the whole day at this party drinking heavily. He left the party that evening with Mary Jo next to him in his Oldsmobile. Good old girl killer Ted drove off of a bridge into the water, where his car sank to the bottom, which was actually only about 6 feet deep (2 meters). He saved his fat ass, but he left the girl in the car and did not attempt to rescue her. His only thought was how he was going to get out of this situation. Poor Mary Jo was not so lucky as to drown quickly. She did not die from drowning, she died from asphyxiation. You see, she was trapped in the car, but survived anywhere from 2 to 6 hours underwater due to a large air pocket trapped in the car. Imagine how horrible that death must have been. I’m sure she just knew that good old Kennedy would be right back with help to get her out. In fact, Kennedy spent the next 9 hours working with his people to figure out how to get out of this trouble and how to cover it up. He murdered her plain and simple.

Let’s listen to the liar:

“Play clip 4 and Go!”


Well, that’s about all of the BS coming from this liars mouth that I can handle.

Liar, Liar, pants on fire!!

He lied about this whole incident and he stayed out of jail because he was a Kennedy. This might sound too cruel, but I felt zero sadness when I heard that he had died; perhaps karma should have had him spending his last six hours trying desperately to breathe foul air and waiting in vain for someone to save him.

This is the Democratic idea of a hero and worthy to have all of the faithful watch a video of him, while dabbing their tearful eyes.

A true blue liberal journalist from the Huffington Post, Melissa Lafsky mused on what Mary Jo “would have thought about arguably being a catalyst for the most successful Senate career in history . . . Who knows — maybe she’d feel it was worth it.” Too bad Ms. Lafsky couldn’t have also been in the car that night to share in such an honor.

I hardly even mentioned Obama in this broadcast because the object was just to show off a bit of the hypocrisy of the Democrats and the collusion of the mainstream media. Obama is now finding that people are no longer looking at him as some kind of messiah, and this is impossible for this narcissistic president to handle.

It is rather telling that his acceptance speech was scheduled to take place in a 74000 seat stadium, but when his people saw that they would not be able to fill it, even while busing in stooges from two adjacent states, they moved it to a 22000 seat hall and blamed it on the weather forecast. By the way, the forecast for the time of his speech was a 20% chance of rain, which is pretty much the standard summer forecast there. Of course the true reason was that they didn’t want to show any empty seats. Thanks Clint Eastwood.

How dare the Democrats and their butt buddies the mainstream media ever accuse the Republicans of being against women.

You know a group of people by the heroes that they keep in their hearts.

Again as we end today, you are welcome to disagree with me and you can always turn off the audio if it offends you. I will say that any nasty comments that you leave will be removed before anyone even sees them. I’ll act like a liberal in this respect.

Thanks for listening until the end of this broadcast and I hope that you come back to hear the next Mark in Russia episode. Until then, GoodBye!

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