About the Mark in Russia Podcast

The Mark in Russia podcast was first conceived of in January of 2011 as a supplemental method of teaching my students at a Russian university. Since that time I’ve tried to branch out a bit and in fact, at this time, am still trying to narrow down the scope of my podcast and then split into several more narrowly defined podcasts.

You can also listen to all of my podcasts at my main website; http://www.markinrussia.com

1 Response to About the Mark in Russia Podcast

  1. archecotech says:

    Hello Mark, I’ve explored your blog and enjoyed it very much. I’m also blogging about Russia but realize that my vision is limited, so I try to expand it by sharing others experiences, thoughts, and writings from across the blogsphere. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve done a pingback to your blog here for others to find it. See about six months ago I was searching around the internet and found this awesome picture from Canada which looked strangely similar to one in Russia. I thought I could bring these two pictures together to show friends back in the states just how similar Russia is to other countries. I didn’t stop there because I began to see that it wasn’t limited to geography or locations but spanned a whole spectrum of different areas, thus Mirror Reflections were born. Anyway if you are interested you can come and take a look at what I’m doing at hague6185.wordpress.com. Thanks.

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